A few weeks ago we dug up the amazing story of Ken Imhoff and his basement-built Lamborghini Countach then later regaled you with the exclusive backstory and an inside look at how it all went down. Then we realized we'd kind of run up Mr. Imhoff's web hosting bill by a dizzying amount so we felt obliged to pitch in an help him out, and so did you. Thanks to your generous donations Ken no longer has to foot a giant bill for our amusement and he's even gone out of his way to send us the thank you note below.

I would like to try and express my gratitude to Jalopnik and it readers for their generosity in donations to help offset my website charges. Also, I would like to say thanks for all of the advice/offers to host my site and others for showing me my errors that caused this problem. My family and I never expected anything like this. In either the worldwide response to the car, the story or the help given. It has shown to us, a small proud family in Wisconsin, that people do care for each other and are willing to help out. I hope I can repay the favor in the near future (remember I do live in WI) with a test drive story and delve into some of the technical stuff all us gearheads can really relate to. Until then, Thank you Ken Imhoff aka: Countach Guy

Ken's got some other news too, but we're going to sit on that for a little while and let you guess. Mwahahahahaha.