The first official photos of the Porsche Panamera GT have caused quite a stir, though some would argue that stirring feeling is limited to the stomach area. With a growing four-door sports car market, Porsche clearly made an effort to differentiate the Panamera from production models like the Jaguar XF and concepts like the Lamborghini Estoque. From most angles there's no mistaking the production model from a Porsche, with the design picking up many of the brand's most important cues. Is that a good thing, especially after the lukewarm reception of the Cayenne by design divas? Are you in love, indifferent or incensed at Porsche for stretching the brand yet again?

Everyone was up-in-arms when the Porsche Cayenne SUV was first revealed, but the utility vehicles have been widely embraced and the looks have aged well. But a Porsche sedan? The dentist/plastic surgeon set will go nuts for it because it's an expensive Porsche they can move the family in, but we're less than pleased with the design. From the front it looks too busy, from the profile it looks too long and from the rear it looks too dumpy. Perhaps this is one of those vehicles that gets better with age, but we're not sure if we'll be alive when that much time has passed.