The 2010 Ford Fusion, for those who admired its sharp Gillette looks, will start at $19,270 for the base S model with the 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine matched with a six-speed manual transmission, just $135 more than the base 2009 Fusion, which isn't as powerful or quite as good looking as the new Fusion. For those wanting to be green, the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid will start at $27,270, a little over $1,000 more than the Toyota Camry Hybrid. But that added grand for the Fusion hybrid will supposedly get you an extra 5 MPG more than the 33 city / 34 highway numbers of the 2009 Camry hybrid. The rest of the pricing below.

2010 Ford Fusion Pricing 2010 Fusion S — $19,270 2010 Fusion SE — $20,545 2010 Fusion SEL — $23,975 2010 Fusion Sport — $25,825 2010 Fusion Hybrid — $27,270 [Source: Ford]