What kind of outfits would you expect Brazilian booth professionals to wear when showing off VW Beetles and Variants at the '79 Salão do Automóvel in São Paulo? How about long flowery dresses, the better to show off the features of the new alcohol-fueled VWs? BЯдΖǐL-ЯЄРΘЯΤЄЯ has unearthed these great photos for us; make the jump to see them all and read his description.

Our time-machine has the dial on 1979, and the location is São Paulo, to be more specific the VW booth at the "Salão do Automóvel" See how forward thinking we were, a car on ethanol, does that not sound familiar today? On the other hand the forward thinking stood still with the booth babes they looked more "nun" than "babe", also the air-cooled boxer was a best-seller.