Though the 2009 Porsche Boxster may appear to have received only a light visual refresh, limited to a few slightly tweaked lines and some LED lights from its big brother, the internals have received enough attention to launch the Boxster from hairdresser-chic to something the performance-minded could consider. The PDK double-clutch should provide a quick alternative for those unwilling or uninterested in doing the shifting themselves. Power also gets an upgrade to 255 and 310 HP in the base unit and the Boxster S, respectively. Perhaps most important of all, the new Porsche will likely have an optional limited slip differential for those that are inclined towards driving somewhere more challenging than the Palm Beach Mall parking lot.

Check out more on the Porsche Boxster from We're afraid the entry-level Porsche will always catch flack for not being the über-Porsche despite the fact that Porsche has almost always tried to offer varying levels of performance and comfort with its model line. Though we'd still prefer the 2009 Porsche Cayman, the Boxster has improved its performance beyond the reputation it has.