We gave you all the details on the 2010 Ford Fusion, Fusion Sport, and 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid at the break of day and now we've got the live reveal from the floor of the LA Auto Show. The trio of Fusionistas made their debut moments ago to bombastic loads of PR praise. If the improvements Ford is touting stand up to scrutiny, the Fusion stands to make some serious waves in the C/D sedan segment. We approve pretty solidly of the styling changes, the six speed manual and auto on the regular Fusion and the well thought out hybrid system on the twin powered model.

All this brings us to a point that has to be made. We can't assume the car performs up to snuff yet, but we'll cross that bridge when it comes. Assuming it does perform, cars like this are a loud middle finger to everyone who doubts Americans can build desirable, competitive, fun cars. If the American public doesn't respond to efforts like this, they deserve to drive the soulless appliances they seem to prefer these days.

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