There are really two kinds of press campaigns surrounding the 2010 Toyota Prius right now, the official ones with silly pictures of knobs and carpet and bolts and the like, then there's the other kind that leaks the whole car and major details, like this one today. In this set of low-resolution images we see the Prius in profile, the layout of the all-digital dash, the amount of cargo room we can expect, and that the new car will be getting headlight washers — certainly one of those hefty options absolutely necessary for a super efficient hybrid.

It also seems the rumor of asymmetric headlights can be put to bed even though the first set of unofficial images showed such a thing. Oh well, still looks smiley even though it'll no longer be winking at us. It's going to be a long slog to the Detroit Auto Show next January where the Prius is set to be revealed. [PriusChat]