The Lamborghini LP 560-4 Spyder's dropped its top in press photos that have made their way to the web ahead of an expected debut later today at the LA Auto Show. The newest amped-up Lambo gets the body of Gallardo convertible and the powertrain of the LP 560-4, that means a 5.2-liter V10 engine with 560 HP and 398 lb-ft of torque, good for a top speed of 201 MPH after a 0-62 MPH run of a speedy 4 seconds. Awfully speedy in the hardtop but we'll have to see how that stands up for the convertible.

The most amusing part of the whole car, to us anyway, is the piece of glass between the seats. Normally those are put back there to keep your hair in place and allow a conversation to carry on. In this case it'll probably do the first job fine, but we have a feeling an open top with a that high strung Italian V8 wailing away inches behind your head will have something to say in all your conversations. We'll be getting the complete details and live reveal images with the always lovely Lamborghini booth professionals later today at the car's official reveal.


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