Tonight at 10pm EST the new Ford Mustang will be unveiled here in Los Angeles. We couldn't wait that long. So this morning, we talked Ford into letting us drive shoot a 2010 Ford Mustang — a few hours before everyone else. Initial impressions are positive; it’s like the old one, but like, with an exterior that's 25% more "sexy." The interior is finally made from the kind of materials that belong in an actual car and not a Hot Wheels model of one. While it isn't as gaugegasmic or cool as the 2010 Chevy Camaro, it is head and shoulders better than that of the 2009 Dodge Challenger and the out-going model Mustang. Our favorite part, however, is the engine, which despite the lack of a refresh, looks drop-dead gorgeous underneath that big strut-brace and brushed cover. It not only looks good, it sounds good too, firing up like a big V8 muscle car should.

This new yellow paint even looks great, showing off the svelte new lines and muscular bulges better than the red or blue versions. The glass roof helps reduces the visual impact of the vibrant paint and helps make the interior a much airier environment. SPEEDtv will be airing the Mustang reveal on a one-hour delay tonight at 11pm EST. Check back with Jalopnik at about 10:30 for our photos and video.

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