The boys from KGP have just gotten us the first shots of the interior of the new entry-level Baby Rolls, or RR4. The shots show a car with typical Rolls Royce style, but at a more-Financiapocalypse-like price of between $200,000 and $250,000. This makes sense as the Rolls Royce RR4 is set to be slated between parent company BMW's 2009 BMW 7-series and the top-of-the-line Rolls Royce Phantom, with parts from the former and the style of the latter. The new exterior photos also give us a more clear picture of the curvier shape and sleeker profile of the new Rolls Royce. Just use your imagination to add the gigantic chrome grille. More details in the spy report below the jump.

KGP Spy Report Development of the Rolls Royce RR has been ramped up as of late, and the new wave of prototypes have yielded our first glimpses of the "Baby Rolls." Although the overall interior is still very well covered, we can see some hints that lots of wood will be put to use on RR4's dash. A starter button is placed on the dash to the right of the steering wheel. We had to wait until an engineer got behind the wheel to nab some shots of a new iDrive-style controller residing on the center console. Separate buttons for "Tel" and "Nav" can be discerned in our close-up shot of the new controller. We must assume that the new interface is closely related to the new iDrive system about to launch in the new 7-series. However, there are clear differences between the control knob in the new 7-series and this RR4 prototype, so it seems that BMW will be careful to avoid any parts-bin feel to their new "entry-level" Rolls. This set contains interior shots of two separate RR4 prototypes—one has what appears to be a steering wheel from the '09 7-series, while the second test vehicle has a fully badged Rolls-Royce wheel, with revised switches that give us the true look of the new Roller's steering wheel. The RR4 is expected to arrive as a 2010 model with a price ranging between $250,000 -$280,000—about 100-grand less than Rolls Royce's flagship Phantom. The RR4 will share many components with the '09 7-series, but we're beginning to see that those shared bits will definitely lie beneath the surface