While Team Unsafe At Any Speed will be bringing a '65 Corvair to the Arse Freeze-A-Pa-Looza 24 Hours Of LeMons next month- thus snarfing the coveted Ralph Nader theme- they'll only be tying the record for Oldest LeMons Car Ever, since Team Field Find's Mercedes-Benz 190 was also a '65. Not only that, their car is safe at some speeds, because by '65 the Corvair had a Communist-mandated IRS rear instead of the patriotic swingaxle of the early models. UDMan, however, is made of sterner stuff, and he's gearing up to race a 46-year-old Corvair at next year's LeMons New England race… and he's looking for teammates! Make the jump to see all the photos and get his story, then vote on whether you think the car should still get a Ralph Nader theme.

I just retrieved the 1963 Corvair from its previous owner on Monday. The Body is in amazing shape with only surface rust, and one slight rust area in the front valance. The interior is almost mint, with the exception of the parcel shelf where the back window shattered. This car was owned by a Vermont woman, who bought it new, and then parked it in the early 70’s. It hasn’t run since, and has only 46,000 original miles. The engine turns freely, and I should be able to get it running right after the first of the year. The tires are all dry rotted, and period correct bias construction. So this is what I plan on doing very soon. 1. Sell as many things off the vehicle to get the purchase price down further. a. Front and Rear Seats b. Dash Pad c. Original Equipment Radio d. Glove Box Door e. Wheel Covers f. Headlamp Bezels g. Those wonderfully decorated tail lamps h. Side Door Window glass 2. Get the engine running by performing the following: a. Replace all the fuel lines b. Install a new starter c. Install a new Battery d. Rebuild the fuel pump e. Install 2 NOS Carburetors f. Use aftermarket air cleaners rather than the stock units. g. Install new ignition components (Rotor, Points, etc.) h. New plugs, wiring, etc. i. Replace, and stock up on fan belts j. Completely change the oil (a couple of times, once I get the engine running, then re-drain, and re-fill) 3. Once the engine is running, then I’ll turn my attention to the Powerglide: a. I’m thinking of replacing it altogether (and bringing a spare!!!) b. Install a UD Transmission Oil Cooler, just under the trunk lid, where the spare tire usually sat. 4. By this time the interior should be stripped, and a rollcage should go in 5. I’m going to stick with 13” stock wheels and upgrade the tires (somehow) 6. Concentrate on the braking system a. Upgrade fronts to discs (I have heard they there are kits available, from the later Monzas) b. New brake lines c. Rebuilt the wheel cylinders for the rears d. All new linings e. High temperature brake fluid 7. It should be going strong by this time The roof of the car was damaged by a collapsing carport, and that’s the reason why I got it for $400. So what theme am I going for? The Ralph Nader thing is too easy….. lets have a survey… Oh, and I need volunteers for driving and track duty. Waaaaay too many people have already backed out on me. I’m doing the build by myself right now. Yes, I loaded that car by myself from a field in Springfield Vermont