It's not just GM employees and its dealers getting into the act. Do you know a member of Congress? Don't know a member of Congress but live in one of those, whattaya-call-'em — districts? Want to advocate for Chrysler and the rest of the domestic automakers to get a piece of the federal loan pie? Here's your chance. Chrysler's external affairs and public policy website aptly named "Grab Democracy By The Horns" has a way for you to connect with your member and start talking to 'em about jobs and — umm — are you not sure what to say to them? Well, other than talking about 'merica and stuff, there's all sorts of fun things to talk to them about — in fact, Chrysler's even put together some talking points for you to work from. Peruse them in the gallery below. They're a hoot and most of them read like they were written by interns. Well, it's certainly doing more than buying a "Save GM" t-shirt. Just not as stylish.