We've been cleaning out our memory card from SEMA and can't believe we forgot about this evil-looking custom concept found in the Ford booth at the huge aftermarket parts show. It's from the good folks at Galpin Auto Sports and it's called the Scythe. The purple concept car is one of the rare few we've seen where the name is actually fitting for the car being shown. Based loosely (VERY loosely) on a 2008 Mustang GT convertible, the team at GAS actually designed it to look like an overgrown Hot Wheels car. But it's not just the unique look of the car that's cool, it's also what it has inside.

The Skythe gets a voice-activated Shuttle XPC computer that, when connected to a 3G network, provides real-time traffic, news and weather updates. There's also a series of security cameras around the vehicle to give the driver an almost 360-degree camera view of the horrified stares from folks on the street gaping at the purple people-eater driving by. Most importantly is the engine — under the hood (and above it, really) is a twin Magnuson supercharged 5.0-liter engine custom built by GAS with 1,005 HP. Yes, we'll take one. Even in purple.