Schm writes in to inform us of a wrecking yard in Falmouth, Kentucky, that appears to be in weeks away from sending between 800 and 1,000 older Mercedes-Benzes to The Crusher. A new owner is taking over, and she's not interested in keeping these cars, which go back to the 1950s or maybe even earlier. The guys on Benzworld are pretty worked up over this, as you might imagine; make the jump to see some heartrending photos and get the rest of the story.
Update: We just heard from Rebecca, owner of European Connection (the junkyard in the photos), and she states "I took the business over, over a year ago and I am not selling nor am I crushing." So, big sigh of relief for the uncrushed Mercedes-Benzes! Yet another update: These cars and parts are for sale after all. Call European Connection at 800-395-8636 or email Rebecca.

[Benzworld] Image credit: McAllister Bryant