A bevy of images of the non-US 2009 Honda Civic hatch lineup have made their way to the internet, providing another sad reminder of just how short the US Spec 2009 Honda Civic falls from our desires. We've pined for the Euro Civic ever since we hypermiled a Euro-Spec Civic diesel that crossed the pond. And why shouldn't we be pining for it? It's certainly hotter than the cheap econoboxes sold stateside. And even though the upgrades for 2009 aren't wild, this new Civic hatch does continue the positive design and power output numbers we've already seen. More after the jump.

Under the hood, there's a new version of the 1.4-liter base four-banger putting out 100 HP, up from 83 HP on the last edition of the Honda hatch-box. Additionally, the Type S will get Alcantara leather sport seats and a visual look similar to the Type R. Want to bring one over here Honda? We promise we'll still cross-shop the Fit. Pinky swear. We'll have more on this itty-bitty bad boy as soon as Honda officially puts out info on it. For now, all we've got is what we've given ya. Enjoy. [Honda via 4 Wheels News]