Like the idea of an affordable, rear-wheel-drive, mid-size performance sedan, but concerned the Pontiac G8 is a little too...Pontiac for your tastes? JHP Vehicle Enhancements has the solution for you. The company is selling a kit to convert the US-market Pontiac G8 back into the Holden Commodore upon which it's based, thus freeing it from the image problems (mullet) associated with the Pontiac brand.

The conversion kit includes a new hood, hood latch, hood insulator, front bumper fascia, upper grille, front bar fascia and fog lamps. All the badges will cost you extra, but by our estimation are well worth the extra $150. The price of a full upgrade? $1,990 for the base G8 or $3,880 to convert your GT into an HSV model. [via Autofiends]