Many moons ago in the little burgh of Athens, Georgia, your author worked at a local grocery chain. Back then, "paper or plastic" was a relevant question, with the customer more often than not requesting old-fashioned paper sacks. When thirty cans of cream of mushroom soup came sliding back from the cashier, you knew to grab a second paper sack, stuffing the first into it in a ritual known to bagboys everywhere as "double-bagging." You double-bagged milk, you double-bagged frozen food and you double-bagged the aforementioned can-laden parcel. And, as Ash78 reminded us while checking out the SEMA booth-babes admiring the KNIGHT XV, circumstances sometimes require double-bagging other things:

I'd be a little wary...those are probably the kind of girls where you want to put TWO covers on your car, if you catch my tokyo drift.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Especially if you double-bag.

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