In Quentin Tarantino’s "Death Proof", Kurt Russells’s character modifies his car to protect its driver in even the most severe of accidents, thus rendering the machine impervious to death. Bespoke Ventures has done exactly the opposite, modifying their Nissan GT-R in such a way that severe back injury is virtually guaranteed by any front-end collision. Click through to find out why.

Check out the way the harnesses are mounted. By attaching the shoulder belts to a point lower than the shoulders, the driver and passenger’s spines will be compressed in the event of the car running into something. This will crush the vertebrae and could even lead to paralysis in extreme cases. Other modifications include tastelessly applied decals, plus the usual assortment of big wings, big wheels, lowered suspension and fancy brakes. We’re not sure what’s going on inside the GT-RR’s engine bay, but judging by Bespoke Venture’s online selection of engine upgrades, it’s probably plenty.