While hordes of Hawaiian shirt-wearing enthusiasts are descending on Vegas for SEMA, there’s actually another, slightly classier show taking place half-way around the world in Milan. EICMA is one of the biggest motorcycle shows of the year and, so far, there’s not a tribal paint scheme in sight. The best concept so far is the BMW Lo Rider, which appears to be some sort of Flat Track-inspired performance cruiser. The thing is, BMW says almost every aspect of the Lo Rider will be reconfigurable on the showroom floor, meaning you could turn it into and old-school chopper or a comfy touring bike too.

Basically, BMW wants to muscle-in on some Harley-style factory customization, selling customers not only an expensive bike, but also a smattering of overpriced accessories. It sort of makes sense. BMWs have always been more individualistic than Harleys, so why not package that individuality into something they can sell? Expect to see a similar model, using BMW’s 1200cc horizontally-opposed twin, to reach showroom floors in about two year’s time. Want more EICMA coverage? Head over to Hell For Leather.