There's something a little insane about getting handed a Mercedes-Benz GLK hybrid for a SEMA build and, instead of creating a lowered and overly-painted custom, trying to duplicate a Pike's Peak Unlimited Class rally racer. But it's that insanity that has always made RENNTech one of the most entertaining tuning shops out there. Below we take the first look at the build and the specs for the RENNTech Rally GLK Hybrid, debuting later this week.

About The Build With RENNTech's Jo A. Borras The Rally racer is obviously a bit lighter than the standard GLK, and makes use of high-performance components, including long-tube headers, composite airbox/intake, and RENNtech's own ECU software. We've added larger RENNtech brakes and a redesigned performance suspension system to help the GLK attack corners. Additionally, the hybrid drive should give an additional torque boost at the kind of low-speeds a rally car might find on a tight, demanding course. With the hybrid Rally car, we were trying to sharpen the car's reflexes and really give it a more aggressive, sporting look. Obviously this is not a car that is going to take on the unlimited class of 1000 hp cars, but it will be enough to be powerful and exciting - along the lines of a Subaru or Mitsubishi Evo - and it will accomplish that while being somewhat greener than the original version, which is the opposite of what people might expect. The public will very likely see THIS car, as we're trying to organize a few exhibition drives within the Formula D series. Without actually doing the tests, anything we would tell you would be dreaming. We're confident of a sub 6-second 0-60, putting the car into similar territory with the other rally replicas out there. Wheels are RENNtech's own lightweight 20" 3 pc. wheels in a matte finish - brakes are RENNtech's own recipe 16.2" front 2 pc. rotors with 8 piston calipers. Nitto is providing the tires. The rollcage will stiffen up the chassis to some degree, but the big change is the suspension itself, which has been replaced with a custom unit that allows adjustments in ride height, damping, camber, rake, etc. Most of the modifications [to the exterior] were made to fit the larger wheels and widen the track. The front splitter and rear diffuser, as well as lower side skirts, a very functional aerodynamically, and help direct airflow underneath the GLK with the goal of reducing overall drag and improving aerodynamic downforce. With the interior, we have eliminated most of the sound insulation and replaced the heavy Mercedes-Benz seats with much lighter carbon/kevlar buckets, which helped save some weight. We also did a full rollcage. Specs RENNTECH GLK350 SPEC.R HYBRID YEAR // MAKE // MODEL - 2010 MERCEDES-BENZ GLK 350 EXTERIOR MODS - RENNTECH BODY KIT INCLUDES - FENDER FLARES - SIDE SKIRTS - FRONT SPLITTER w/ SIDEPLATES - REAR DIFFUSER - MULTI-ELEMENT REAR WING - FUNCTIONAL SIDE INTAKES (BRAKES // BATTERY COOLING) - 3M WRAP IN MATTE RED/BLACK POWERTRAIN MODS - RENNTECH ECU SOFTWARE UPGRADE - RENNTECH LONG-TUBE EXHAUST HEADERS w/ 4" RESONATORS - MERCEDES-BENZ SLK350 SPORT ENGINE UPGRADES - INTAKE MANIFOLD - CYLINDER HEADS - CAMS - 72V ELECTRIC-ASSIST MILD HYBRID DRIVE - APPROX. 40 LB-FT @ 0 RPM (TO 45 MPH) - x6 OPTIMA DEEP CYCLE 12v BATTERIES (Ni-Hi IN DEVELOPMENT) - PLUG-IN CHARGING (REGENERATIVE CHARGING IN DEVELOPMENT) CHASSIS // SUSPENSION MODS - RENNTECH-SPEC. ADJUSTABLE SUSPENSION SYSTEM - BY KW - RENNTECH 16.2" FRONT BRAKE ROTORS w/ 8 PISTON CALIPERS - RENNTECH 14" REAR BRAKE ROTORS w/ 4 PISTON CALIPERS - RENNTECH CARBON FIBER ADJUSTABLE STRUT TOWER BRACE - RENNTECH STRUCTURAL CAGE w/ INTEGRATED REAR STRUT BRACE INTERIOR MODS - CARBON FIBER DOOR PANELS (CLUB-SPORT STYLE) - CARBON FIBER DASH // CENTER CONSOLE - FUNCTIONAL SWITCH CLUSTER - INTEGRATED NET-GAIN TIMS HYBRID PROGRAMMING CENTER - AMG STEERING WHEEL RIM w/ ALUMINUM SHIFT PADDLES - INTEGRATED AiM MYCHRON4 DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM - CUSTOM "AIRBAG" CENTER SECTION - x4 SEIBON CARBON/KEVLAR SEATS FRONT AND REAR - SCHROTH RACING CAM-LOCK HARNESSES WHEELS // TIRES FRONT - WHEELS 20" RENNTECH 3 PC 5 SPOKE PERFORMANCE WHEELS - TIRES NITTO NT05 275/40 20 REAR - WHEELS 20" RENNTECH 3 PC 5 SPOKE PERFORMANCE WHEELS - TIRES NITTO NT05 315/35 20

[Source: RENNTech]