Being unable to wait much longer for, or endure more teasers of, the 2010 Ford Mustang we're going to believe that these photos are actually the Hot Wheels version of the 2010 Mustang that is set to debut at the LA Auto Show this month. As wild as the thought is, we have a few reasons to believe that this car posted on eBay is actually a real version of the new Mustang and not a clever person with a pen, some paint and a good imagination.

First, the vehicle looks fairly similar to our own 2010 Mustang renderings, including the angles of the taillights and the shape of the grille and headlights. Also, it says "2010 Ford Mustang" at the bottom of the vehicle. This is something someone could fake, but at the very least they did a good job. Second, the timing is right. Assuming that they want to have these ready to jump on the buzz surrounding the new Mustang, this would be the time to start putting them together. Third, and most importantly, the seller of the vehicle is based in Malaysia. In 1982, Mattel moved their Hot Wheels production plant from Hong Kong to Malaysia. It stands to reason that the first person who would be able to get their hands on a Mattel model before anyone else would be based in the Malaysia. The seller also seems to have a seller history that supports their claim that they sell lots of Hot Wheels vehicles. We have our doubts, but this seems like it could be the real thing. (Thanks to Jacob for the tip) [eBay Motors]