This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the Island That Rust Forgot. Today we've got some shots by Project Car Hell Poster Child and serial tipster Franzouse, whose Paris wanderings led him to this riot-proof Kadett. Is Franzouse channeling the spirit of former Alameda High School student and current- in fact, permanent- Paris resident, Jim Morrison, with all these Alameda-grade DOTSBE finds? Make the jump to see all the photos and read his description of this fine piece of German automotive craftsmanship.

Went for a walk yesterday, daytime for once, and I wound up in a neighborhood I usually stay away from, the champs Elysées. Attempting to steer away from that pickpocket cesspool, I veered off and found myself on the Avenue Gabriel, which borders the back wall of the garden of the President's Elysée Palace (I steer away from that place too usually). In this heavily guarded place, right across from the back gate is a theater in whose parking lot I found a true beaut. An Opel Kadett C ('73 to '79) covered in graffiti. Lots of pic here, great litle details, but a mystery: the front windshield is clear of graffiti, the interior is worn but clean, I saw a valid insurance sticker, French DoT tags... so I asked one of the any cops around if they knew anything about the car: it's driven by a member of the current play, the director they think. "The guy is an excentric" (my kind of person), they wouldn't say more but their non answers told me that in their mind he didn't pose a security threat... Which is just as well because I'd love to see that variflex suspension. Hope you like it. On a technical note, it is parked on the lot of a public, government-owned theater, so I know it's not a full DOTS, it's not on private propery either :)