Edmunds Inside Line is reporting sources inside GM have confirmed the rear-drive Pontiac G8 will fade into memory at the end of the current model's production run. If true, the previously announced elimination of the Solstice and the disappearance of a RWD G8 would leave GM's performance brand without a rear-drive vehicle in about five years' time. Of course, what could change in that five years? Just about everything. Let's take a look at the possibilities. Another glut of cheap gasoline, a marked change in GM's fortunes (like winning the lotto — in all 50 states) or a management shakeup could rapidly result in a wave of new rear-wheel-drive Pontiacs, including a next-gen G8. Those are the least-likely options, however. In the short term, don't discount the effect a Chrysler purchase might have on the Pontiac brand; GM could decide Dodge has more performance credibility than Pontiac — and we wouldn't necessarily argue — resulting in the Excitement Division getting dumped for Dodge. Crazy talk, but these are crazy times. [Edmunds Inside Line]