Though there are serious disagreements over the enforcement of drug law violations, one area of growing consensus among Republicans and Democrats is the issue of mandatory minimum sentencing laws. A mandatory minimum essentially states that someone who commits a crime is sentenced to a minimum number of years in prison. The problem is this kind of policy doesn't allow judges to use their judgment to differentiate between low-level, non-violent drug users and high-level, violent criminals. The cost to society is great, both in terms of the price of imprisoning someone for ten years and in depriving a family of a mother or father. The most unfortunate aspect of mandatory minimums is they impose different, racially-biased minimums on crack and powder cocaine. Nick Hogan was released early from jail today after committing what was essentially a violent crime and was greeted by his sister, who has an obvious crack problem that Layabout couldn't help but notice.

Yeah, they blurred the wrong asshole.

Indeed they did. [Photo PEDRO REY/AFP/Getty Images]