The story of Ken Imhoff's hand-made basement Lamborghini has moved many of us. Committing the time to building and fabricating your own detailed replica and then, like a ship in a bottle, removing it from the basement undamaged is an automotive achievement few can match. But what kind of people would we be if we didn't try? Though you may not be able to compete with the insanity that is the basement build, what is your proudest automotive achievement? Is it a project car? Driving the car of your dreams? Making whoopie in the backseat of a cab? Actually finishing a Gran Turismo endurance race? We've had some great moments, including taking a test drive through an auto show, building wanky the safety cat, destroying the clutch of the only Saab Turbo X in North America and other bits of lunacy. As great as these moments were, the greatest automotive achievement for us is probably this blog. We've worked hard to create the kind of community we'd want to belong to and to write the kind of stories that we'd want to read. Just kidding. It's totally dragons having sex with cars. What about you?