We're big fans of all kinds of lemons so the phrase "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade" has always bothered us. Our objections aside, it is an optimistic way to look at life. When readers of this site are handed lemons, sometimes they come up with an exciting use for them. Hoonage often begins when someone is presented with the challenge of getting the most out of a crappy car. Though the Porsche Panamera spotted in San Francisco may be far from a lemon, many have soured on the looks. That's why we are grateful that Tylinol chimed in with a more positive response.

With these pictures, I think I've finally figured this car out. Justin Hawkins once said that the most important thing he considers when buying a car is how it looks from a police pursuit helicopter. And you know what, the Panamera look great from a helicopter. And it's not just that, either. It's also terribly bland from the ground. This means it will be hard to spot in a sea of Toyotas and BMWs. So, hard to spot from the ground and great-looking from the sky, plus enough seats for all of your accomplices and the power to outrun the popo? My friends, what we have here is the first factory Getaway Car.

Man, when life hands you lemons just say "fuck the lemons" and bail.