After a long day of 24 Hours Of LeMons BS inspections, we knocked off for the day when it got too dark to see those "junkyard" Bilstein shocks or "Katrina flood cars." Out of the 76 cars that will be racing tomorrow, we probably got through 45; the others weren't... quite... ready... yet (cue sounds of Sawzalls, frantic phone calls to junkyards, welding). At that point, the judge wigs came off and the whole LeMons crew went prowling the pits in search of quality barbecue (embarrassingly enough, we were treated to a fine meal of fajitas served by the guys to whom we handed out the biggest BS penalty all day- glad those guys don't hold a grudge). I'll be too busy with Round Two of inspections tomorrow morning, but I'll do my best to put up some posts once the race itself gets rolling. For now, enjoy the sight of this excellent Field Expedient Hood Scoop, crafted out of the license plates that came with the car: a monkeyshit brown $125 '76 Ford Mustang II with the crudest vinyl-top removal we've ever seen. Yes, you'll see more of this car soon.