Barack Obama used part of last night's debate to tee off on aiding the domestic auto industry. Obama took nearly a full minute talking about the automaker bailout and the need for more efficient cars, and the democratic presidential candidate made a reference to "retooling" plants in the heartland. Of course, he's talking about three important swing states: Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. Good thing the car companies aren't based in California. He ends by pointing out that America created the car industry and should be a leader (and not a loss-leader). Of course, Germans created the first auto company, but we created mass production so that any poor schlub can buy it on credit... that's working out pretty well, right? McCain, to his credit, does make a nod towards sugar tariffs and their impact on clean ethanol from Brazil, but doesn't seem to want to assure white, union voters in the "heartland" he's looking out for them.