A spokesman for Tesla today confirms that they knew "something" about Chrysler's surprise reveal of a Lotus-based electric vehicle and essentially calls it vaporware. Darryl Siry, Tesla's VP of Global Sales, Marketing And Service responded to a question today about the Dodge EV, revealed last month, by saying "I think what it is its something for showcasing. More of a public relations thing to support their application for their share of a 25 billion loan guarantee." Siry is of course referring to the possibly delayed automaker loan package. Why this is so hilariously ironic below the jump. We can't help but point out that this statement came the same day that Tesla announced it was going to scale back Tesla Model S production plans until a government loan guarantee becomes effective. Though we fully believe that the Model S from Tesla is undergoing development and have our doubts about the electric Chryslers, this does seem a bit like the electric pot calling the electric kettle black.