Ever since we had our test drive of the BYD F6 DM inside Cobo Hall at the Detroit Auto Show, we've been fascinated by the Chinese company's ferrous battery technology. They've been using it to make cell phone batteries for quite some time, but now they're finally putting it into production on a car to be on the market before the end of the year. This, the F3 DM, is a step down from the F6 in size, but all the technology remains.
BYD says the batteries are good for over 372,000 miles or 10 years before they need to be changed. In the F3 DM, range should be about 60 miles on electric power alone, and when the battery runs dry, a small gasoline engine kicks in to generate juice. Plug it in overnight at home and it'll fully charge in seven hours. But here's the kicker: the F3 DM's batteries can allegedly be recharged to the 50 percent mark in just 10 minutes with an unspecified super happy best charger. [ChinaCarTimes]