Rumors are starting to spread of GM considering fitting the new Duramax 4.5-liter turbo diesel V8 in the Cadillac CTS. That would mean an oil-burnin' sedan with a possible 310 HP and at least 520 lb-ft of torque. Think of it as a sort of mid-performance model slotted between the standard 304 HP CTS and the top-spec 556 HP 2009 CTS-V...but with good fuel economy. That's right, not only does the Duramax mill meet new emissions regulations but it's 50-state-legal and it'll also return an estimated 20-25% better fuel economy than a comparable gasoline-powered V8. That efficiency combined with the pavement-melting torque could make for perhaps the best all-around American car ever made.
We know the CTS-V has gone over well with even the most anti-American critical European journalists, like Jeremy Clarkson. Now, imagine a car with many of the CTS-V's sporting upgrades, but with a lower price, just as much torque, and much better fuel efficiency. They've been going crazy over BMW turbo diesels in Europe for years, so a Duramax CTS could finally be Cadillac's big push across the pond. But who knows, maybe the it'll never happen. [MotorTrend]