Heads up for another episode of Nice Price Or Crack Pipe, where you make the call on car sellers' asking prices! Last time we were here, 89% of you felt that the seller of the $95K '87 Corvette was asking way too much, the second-highest Crack-Pipe-O-Meter™ score we've ever seen (after the 92% attained by the $41K VW Syncro). This time we're going to make the choice more of a dilemma for y'all; it's a genuine automotive icon, recognizable the world over, et freakin' cetera, and it's in great shape. Your heart would have to be a lump of liquid-nitrogen-cooled steel to remain indifferent to a genuine '57 210 with the 283-horse fuelie 283 engine… but is 97,000 bucks a Crack Pipe price today, as the global economic system collapses around us? That's 97 grand you won't have available to buy a fleet of Toyota pickups, a crate of Chinese SKS rifles, and sufficient MREs for a couple years in the hills!

[Hemmings Motor News]