For much of the mid-18th century there was no more powerful figure in Portugal than the Marquis of Pombal. He was tough. Really tough. He was perhaps the first person in the world to have a restraining order drawn up against him (the Queen wanted him to stay 20 miles away in a pretty small country). The rich aristocrats hated him, the Jesuits hated him and he took children to court. On the other hand, he instituted a number of important commercial reforms and was an extremely competent leader in the wake of the Lisbon earthquake of 1755. In today's post about the Amanti versus the G8 one commenter defended the Kia, saying it "would have made a good car in place of my GranMa." While we think he means a non-Portugeuse Grand Marquis, Poxpopulous took it a different way.

A replacement for Grandma? Well, perhaps: Zero sex appeal, flaccid ancient styling, handling on par with a wheelchair and unlikely to be ridden ever hard if ever.

Ouch, though maybe his GranMa is hot. [Photo: Source]