On the long list of beloved Marx Brothers films you may not find The Cocoanuts, the first feature-length movie they did and an early example of talking pictures... as reflected in the production quality. There were numerous problems with the film and, after the final cut, the Marx Brothers actually attempted to buy the film back. Despite their reluctance, the movie was a hit. The plot is hard to explain โ€” rather than one coherent story, the film is mostly a vehicle for an almost endless procession of different gags. Speaking of vehicles for gags, the Citroen Hypnos debuted in Paris today and Braff managed to use it as a launching point for an amusing multi-gag zinger.

Is this the Infiniti FX50 Concept for Transformers 3: Quantum of Pontiac Solstice?

That's a lot of references in barely a dozen words. [Photo: Attorney Butler]