You often see a vehicle with an interesting history for sale, but usually you're dealing with something semi-boring like Bela Lugosi's accountant's '47 Plymouth, or maybe an '81 Pontiac that can be seen in the background of a 9-second shot in Breakin' II, Electric Boogaloo. Not so with this 1914 White Motor Company truck! How would you like to own a truck that was used by blood-crazed Illinois coal miners to kill strikebreakers in the infamous Herrin Massacre of 1922? Yes, here's a chance to reminisce about the Good Old Days with your buddies at the car show, as you show them where the miners hooked up the chains used to drag men to their deaths. Of course, there's no documentation proving that this is in fact that very same truck (the word "supposedly" gets used in the description), but that just adds an air of mystery! Thanks to Teargas for the tip.
[eBay Motors]