Uh-oh, more folks messing with Godzilla. At first we liked the way the dry carbon fiber hood and trunk on this Nissan GT-R looked compared to the more popular glossy stuff. But the more we stare at it, the more we think it looks kinda cheap. We're reminded of guys driving around in Honda Civic coupes with carbon fiber hoods that were once glossy but have since faded in the sun. That's not good considering these parts from Seibon are so new they're not even out yet. Perhaps it's just that the rest of the car doesn't match the dry carbon fiber?
If they'd made the rest of the car flat black it would match better. Or perhaps they should have removed the rear wing. Do you think it would look better with normal "wet" carbon fiber, or is there a way to salvage the "dry" look? [via GTRblog]