UPDATE: Official pictures of the 4-Door Lamborghini Estoque!
We've seen a smattering of teaser shots of the new four-door Lamborghini Estoque (or whatever it'll be called that's not Urus). Today we see this blurry camera-phone shot of a supposed design sketch showing the Lambo as a front-engine four-door with a sculpted but distinct trunk. The caveat? The sketches come from a "pissed off" member of FerrariChat and may represent nothing more than the drunken scribblings of a teenage enthusiast extrapolating from the teaser photos. They look good, though, and given the level of detail and quality of the sketches, we'd bet there's more of their latest vehicle here than Lamborghini would care to admit. We'll find out at the Paris Motor Show at the end of this week when the Estoque makes its official appearance. We've got a cleaner shot of the design sketch below the jump — take a look and give us your thoughts in the comments.

[Global Motors via Motorgears]