The New York Times reports on officers in Sao Paolo, Brazil who thought they were performing a routine stop to check documents, but ended up with the discovering $1.9 million in fines owed by the driver in question. We've been pulled over by the cops more times than we care to count, but we could still probably count them all out on our fingers and toes if we really tried. This guy, 36-year-old Armando Clemente da Silva, is on an entirely different level. He's been given over 1000 speeding tickets since first buying his car back in 2001. Of course, he never registered the vehicle, so he probably figured it didn't matter. So just what kind of car was this guy driving? Authorities haven't released that information exactly, but they did tell the Times that it was impounded. Thought that still won't make up for Mr. da Silva's fines, as the car is only valued at $6500. Any Brazilian readers care to help us figure out what the car was? [NYT-Wheels]