Remember when Bill Ford Jr. played the hero as Ford CEO, declining a salary in favor of stock while the company was in the middle of its never-ending recovery? Well it seems Billy Jr. decided to cash in some of his chips the other day, to the tune of one million shares of good old "F." At a sale price between $5 and $5.10 per share, Junior will be grossing about $5.05 million. We have to wonder why exactly Billy chose now to sell, as Ford shares are near the bottom of a 52 week low and waaaay off its highs of over $37 when some of us started at the big blue oval back almost a decade ago. Maybe wee Willy knows something we don't know. But don't worry if you think he's getting short end of the stick on the stock sale, as he's still got more than five million shares to burn through before he's in the poor house. [Forbes]