Once again it's time to see how the teams fared at what race organizers call "The Ultimate Test Of Not-So-Bright Man And Shockingly Crappy Machine." Because this was the 24 Hours Of LeMons' first venture into the Northeast, there weren't as many cars as we've seen at previous events; that means we can show you all the finishers! When you're done here, be sure to check out the top finishers at LeMons SF October '07, LeMons Arse-Freeze-A-Pa-Looza December '07, LeMons SF May '08, and LeMons South July '08. Many thanks to UDMan, Drumhurrin, and TheEastBayKid for the photos!

#1: Endurance Karting, Mazda Miata

#2: Kielbasa Kids, Honda Civic

#3: Scuderia Limoni, Alfa Romeo Milano

#4: Keystone Cops, Volvo 244

#5: Scuderia Testa di Spillo, Alfa Romeo Milano

#6: Team Pro-Crass-Duh-Nation, Alfa Romeo Milano

#7: Schumacher Taxi Serice, Toyota Corolla FX16

#8: Detonators, Volkswagen Golf

#9: Schumacher Taxi Service, Audi 90

#10: Team Rob, His Two Loser Friends, And Stupid Brother, Volkswagen Golf

#11 Bean Counters Outback Racing, Subaru Outback

#12: Nut Job Racing, Honda Civic

#13: Go Green, Honda CRX

#14: Legion Of Doom, Chevrolet Malibu

#15: No Budget Racing, Pontiac Firebird

#16: Mostly Motorsports, Toyota Paseo/Mazda RX-7

#17: Team Elemonators, Toyota Camry

#18: Italian Job Racing, BMW E30

#19: Chard Beef Racing, Buick Regal

#20: Jungle Cat Racing, Jaguar XJ6

#21, La Grande Fromage, Volkswagen Jetta

#22: Vlad The Impala, Chevrolet Impala

#23: Freddie's Freakin' Fiends, Toyota Celica

#24: Stugots LeMons, Mercedes-Benz 300