China Car Times offers more details on our earlier report that no company seems to want a Hummer from GM, giving us the low-down on insider reasons why Changfeng's in denial. The Chinese automaker was apparently interested enough โ€” and GM open enough โ€” to visit the Hummer production facilities, but subsequently determined the hulking SUV's "gasoline consumption was too high" for Chinese customers. China's new tax on large vehicles, particularly imports, would have further weakened demand, adding as much as 30% to the retail price of a Hummer. CCT closes with a mutually beneficial recommendation for the General:

"Perhaps the best deal for GM would be to procure smaller Chinese SUVโ€™s and turn the Hummer brand into an economical SUV brand."

Now there's a moneymaking idea for the General: Build smaller, more fuel efficient and totally unsafe SUVs! [China Car Times]