The preview website for the US-bound Nissan Cube has gone live, complete with a 2010 Ford Mustang-esque long-lead countdown timer. Ninety days out from the LA Auto Show reveal, the website gives us a peek at the Cube's marketing direction, which seems to be a second-year art-school student's wet dream. It's stacked deep with snappy animations, confusing artistic movies, overexposed images and a link to every known social media widget we've ever seen. But what about that free T-shirt?Even though they're Twittering (which some of us still don't get the point of) and Facebooking like mad, nothing says marketing like free stuff. If you're one of the first five hundred people to follow this link, you'll get to choose a Cube-branded American Apparel T-shirt with your choice of wacky Cubic slogan, and all you have to pay is the shipping and handling. See how much this isn't like the Scion xB? The marketing is young and fresh and hip, and nobody with gray hair will ever buy it! [NissanCube]