University of Michigan graduate Stephen Mills has created and tested a mobile, enclosed living space he has dubbed the Homeless Utility Vehicle — HUV for short. The HUV is a wheeled concoction of plywood, steel tubing and vinyl sheets designed to keep the occupant warm and dry, provide storage and an insulated place to sleep at night. One minor error in Mills' game plan is that there isn't a market for HUV's since homeless folks don't exactly have the funds to pony up for one. Also, we're not really sure if the HUV is a really great idea or just really degrading.
Putting himself through a series of trials to get familiarized with the life of a homeless person, Stephen stopped shaving and showering, slept in a trailer without a bed, and roamed the streets of Ann Arbor in the contraption during a snow storm, testing his design against real world conditions. [DetNews;]