Electric, Aye! Ellica Beats Porsche

Think a Porsche 911 (996) Turbo could outgun the Eliica (short for Electric Lithium-Ion battery car) — an eight-wheeled electric supercar from Japan? Place your bets, kids. As this clip from Japanese TV shows, the Eliica can shoot to 100 mph in seven seconds, where the Porsche needs 9.2 to break triple digits. With the Eliica, peak torque is virtually instantaneous — and likewise the Porsche is no match for the Eliica's kilowattage equivalent of 800hp. The Eliica's builders say the e-speedster can theoretically hit 250 mph. Can a shootout with a Koenigsegg be far behind?.


Eight Wheels Is Enough: The Eliica Electric Supercar [internal]

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What a pity that most roads have curves.