Spy Photos: 2008 Honda Pilot

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Hot tip: Run now and buy stock in the Brenda Priddy empire (or when such stock hits the street). Her latest shots — of what could be the next Honda Pilot SUV — have surfaced courtesy of AutoSpies. From the looks of it, it'll gain some new parity with its Acura MDX cousin, along with some pretty serious towing capacity. Word is the 2008 model will also get cylinder deactivation — on a new V8, perhaps?

Spies first to break photos of the 2008 Honda Pilot [AutoSpies]


Honda to New Build Plant for High-End Engines; Spy Photos: 2007 Honda Pilot [internal]


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Al Navarro

I may be the only person here who is semi-excited about the new Pilot. I love ours (after hating it so much in the beginning that I called it a "driving appliance") and would be very interested in where they take it to next.

Here's one suggestion...forget about the cylinder deactivation thing and make sure I can tow an enclosed trailer (Orange hates the rain).