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Geekery of the Day: Go, Speedy Camera Car, Go

The level of geekiness in this video clip is off the charts — anyone with an aversion to guys in LCD goggles manipulating servos via radio control should just shut down right now and go give their little brother a noogie. It's actually a hacker's-basement version of the MacroSwiss Spybot 4WD, only without the go-anywhere capability. Still, we must applaud these guys, not leastwise for putting upskirt shots in range of servo-nerds everywhere.


It Can Go Anywhere: The MacroSwiss Spybot 4WD; Put It In Your Mouth And Blow: The Breath Controlled RC Car; Google Video Mining: Drifting RC Cars [internal]


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Al Navarro

This is pretty nerdtastic, but I have 2 real points to make.

A) it may help non-RC geeks (like my oldschool self who remembers when Tamiya Grasshoppers, Hornets, and Frogs were all the rage) to drive these cars...most people can't do the "put yourself in the car thing" and get especially tripped up when the car is headed toward the driver.

B) my last RC car (a yoko 4tc with apretty hot motor and 3300 batteries) went well over 20 mph, maybe even 30. That translates to 300 mph scale. So driving with that POV would probably be an excercise in FRP or CF destruction. Unless you were an actual race car driver. And remember, your inputs are scale too...I'm sure there would be a tendency to over steer and over-correct.