Hoon of the Day: TTAC Reader Ronan Hits 330kph in Norway. Twice!

For those who don't know, 330 kilometers per hour is 205 miles per hour. To achieve this bonkers velocity on Norway's E6, Ronan had the limiter pulled from his M6. We think he's a little nuts, especially as there were other cars on the road, but we're also a bit jealous. Our favorite part is when he slowed down to a nice, comfortable 260kph for the bends. That's 161mph to you and me. [Updated to hide my lack of metric knowledge]


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Actually he is going in excess of 205mph. The M6 speedometer goes to 330km/h and he has it pegged for a while so he most likely went over it. The 300km/h stated was most likely a typo. However, I also want to know what the hell is he trying to catch up to because it smoked him.