New T-Shirt! Are You The Next Hoon Of The Day?

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Didn't we just order a reprint of the "Save the Enzos" t-shirt? I guess after the little incident earlier this week it's no wonder we've already sold out. But fear not, if you're looking to do your part to help save the world's most exclusive whip, we're already in the process of printing more. But, even if you aren't lucky enough to yet be in the club or even the queue to the club, there's a way for you to show your cargasm right now! That's right, we've now got a brand spanking new t-shirt created to celebrate everyone's fave dose of hoonage. Remember, hoonage is you right as a driver. Or if it's not a right, it really should be. Regardless, whether you're an understeering celeb in an Enzo or some kid in a Camaro-mino on the strip, you'll want to look the part and let everyone know you may be Jalopnik's next daily feature.

I Am The Hoon Of The Day! [Gawker Store]
Save the Enzos! [Gawker Store]

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Al Navarro

Wait. I just checked the last poll results, and while I did come in second AGAIN, the Hoon line was in 4th place!!!

I'm filing a protest. The actual winner was:

"Yes, officer, I know exactly how fast I was driving."

submitted 2 months ago by Schmorsepower

I'd Buy! 143

No Way. 64

Is this a Presidential election in Fla?