Party Like It's 2007: Ferrari Parade To Set World Record

Chalk this up as yet another reason we'd like to live in Britain. To wit: Ever since Robert Earl Hughes was supplanted as the heaviest man in the world, we have not had much interest in the Guinness Book of World Records. However, the following interests us very much. Ferrari is going to attempt to set a Guinness World Record for – wait for it – the "largest parade of Ferraris." Which while utterly meaningless as a "record," is totally cool in every other regard. It's a three-day event which will include highlights such as an FXX just showing up, 60 identical race-prepped F430s in a shoot out, and of course the event closest to our Jalopnik hearts, the Ferrari Shell Historic Challenge. Yep, they are going actually race Ferraris from different decades against each other. Hence our favorite video up top. (Re)Enjoy.


World record attempt for largest parade of Ferraris []

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Al Navarro

A much better publicity stunt than Maserati's recent tie-in with the Spider-Man 3 sweepstakes. I'm assuming it's an official arrangement because they mention Maserati in the spot. Yikes.

Just for that, the Quattroporte should get booted out of the Fantasy Garage.