Buick Ties Lexus Atop J.D. Power List Ranking Vehicle Dependability

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Maybe Tiger Woods was on to something with his Buick Enclave. All we know is according to J.D. Power and all of his associates, Buick's moved up the dependability chart from third place up to a dead-heat tie with the luxe brand from the super best awesome number one automaker from the land of the rising sun, Lexus. What's most surprising for those on the whole US-automakers-can't-build-quality kick is that the Vehicle Dependability Survey (VDS) is the survey that evaluates quality after three years of ownership. This is the same brand that also improved seven points over last year for a second place finish behind Jaguar in the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) — that measures service delivery, user-friendly service and service quality. Well, that's certainly a collective move up for the brand everyone thought was dead in the water a year ago. Full press release below the jump.

Buick Ranks Highest in Vehicle Dependability - Continues to Improve Overall Rankings in annual J.D. Power and Associates Study

DETROIT - Buick has been recognized for building the most dependable vehicles in the automotive industry, according to an annual J.D. Power and Associates study released today.

According to the 2007 J.D. Power and Associates Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS), Buick improved eight points from third last year (153 PP100) to first (145 PP100), earning a share of the lead with Lexus. The VDS evaluates vehicle quality after three years of ownership. Owners rate vehicles based on problems experienced during the previous 12 months. Results are summarized with a problems-per-100-vehicles (PP100) designation. This year's industry average was 216 PP100.

"Quality is a key hallmark of the Buick brand," said Jim Bunnell, general manager of Buick-Pontiac-GMC. "Buicks have long been regarded for craftsman-like quality, attention to detail and library-quiet interiors. Our owners can feel confident that they have a high quality, quiet vehicle that is now a recognized leader in dependability."

The study also showed that former Buick Century and Regal models led the midsize car segment for the second consecutive year while the Buick Rainier placed among the top 10 of all trucks in the study. Buick also had the fewest replaced components among all brands at 39 percent. The industry average was 50 percent.

A recent J.D. Power and Associates study also shows that Buick continues to improve its overall rankings in customer service. Buick improved seven points over last year to retain second place behind Jaguar in this year's J.D. Power and Associates Customer Satisfaction Index. The annual study measures service delivery, user-friendly service, and service quality.

New Buick models are also grabbing attention from third-party evaluators. The LaCrosse and Lucerne sedans have recently earned a "Recommended Buy" designation from a top consumer publication. The GM plants where they're built - Oshawa, Ontario Canada and Detroit Hamtramck respectively - are among North and South America's industry leaders for plant quality. And owner reviews of the sedans on popular automotive sites like Edmunds.com consistently rank them near the top of their rating scale.


don't those same factories produce stablemates for other GM brands? why aren't they here?

or is it that the typical Buick owner drives less, drives more conservatively, etc?